Who We Are

Church’s Import-Export, Inc. is an American B2B company that provides services in the area of foreign trade. Taking advantage of the favorable business environment between the economies of the United States, Canada and Brazil, the company provides consulting services to companies in these countries.

Within these nations, firms with export capabilities can increase their sales and profits by selling to customers established in other nations. Our company was created to provide foreign trade services by taking advantage of business opportunities within these economies.

Our Company

Church’s Import-Export, Inc. is a B2B company initially incorporated in Delaware and later authorized to operate in Florida. In 2008, the company’s founder, Ana Church, started the firm’s operations while doing her Masters in Foreign Trade. She started her activities as an export/import agent working with small firms. In the years that followed, the company began to offer consulting services to companies focused on sustainability. Currently the company operates as an importer/exporter and distributor.

“We at Church’s want to contribute to sustainable development by responding to the great challenges of the planet, so that current and future generations have a better life”.

Vision, Mission & Governance


To become a company of excellence in the provision of consulting services focused on sustainability that support international trade. We focus on the tripod of environmental, societal and economic sustainability for our company and the communities around us. We anchor our vision in the beliefs and actions expressed in our mission statement..


Advise small and medium-sized exporters in addressing environmental and social issues to create value, improve the company’s image and strengthen its financial results. Addressing ecological and social issues will help create an economically sustainable community of all parties involved..


Sustainability is our passion. To fulfill our mission, we have incorporated “sustainability thinking” into our corporate culture. Our world is facing complex economic, social and environmental problems today. And in such an atmosphere, companies of all types and sizes can make a difference by integrating sustainable and responsible business practices with community needs.