______  Brazilian Essence Coffee  ______

Brand History

The Brazilian Essence Coffee brand name emerged during the worldwide pandemic when a group of entrepreneurs of the same family started seeking for solutions for a plausible economic devastation soon approaching. The decision was made to export Brazilian specialty coffee to countries around the globe. Family members in different countries gathered by way of social media and brainstormed ideas about a brand name. Almost immediately all agreed that Brazilian Essence Coffee was an excellent choice as brand name for their product.

It is important to note that two thirds of those entrepreneurs are women who focus on learning every day how to implement the triple-bottom line of sustainability to their business for win-win deals. These entrepreneurs are mothers who strive for sound business ethics always with sensitivity toward the plight of workers, their communities, and the natural environment. They remain vigilant year-round.

Product Value

The Brazilian Essence Coffee brand is not just coffee produced in Brazil by small family farms and exported abroad. For the women involved, the brand Brazilian Essence Coffee means something more – like an essence in lifestyle: caring, helping, supporting, protecting, guiding, listening, building, teaching, and learning every day. Brazilian Essence Coffee brand owners seek to improve continuously to provide what the customer wants “good coffee”, but also cares about “good coffee produced through sustainable practices”.

Heavy coffee drinkers might wake up in the morning eager to enjoy a cup of strong, dark, freshly brewed coffee of their choice. Light coffee drinkers probably would prefer a strong, medium roast chocolate-looking cup of coffee to start the day. BEC can supply both the dark and the medium-roast tastes. As the business grows the company promises to remain watchful and provide feedback on the condition of the coffee workers in Brazil.

Specialty Coffee

According to the Sensory Assessment Methodology of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), used all over the world, Specialty Coffee is any coffee that reaches at least 80 points on the methodology’s scoring scale (which goes up to 100), being evaluated the following attributes:

  • Fragrance / Aroma
  • Uniformity (each cup statistically represents 20% of the evaluated batch)
  • Absence of Defects
  • Sweetness
  • Flavor
  • Acidity
  • Body
  • Finalization
  • Harmony
  • Final Concept (general impression about the coffee, attributed by the classifier. Only part of the classifier’s subjectivity in the evaluation of the sample).

Church’s Import-Export, Inc. exports roasted beans and ground specialty coffee under the brand Brazilian Essence Coffee. Focusing on specialty only, high-quality, fair-trade, coffee, our company works to ensure that the best coffee reaches the cups of consumers in distant lands. Our coffee derives from smaller regional farmers in the Western region of São Paulo state in Brazil.

Our use of small-scale export of family farmed coffee, helps us to keep a personalized attention to each particular customer or client, since we appeal to a niche market of consumers who are willing to experience great coffee while making sure that they are benefiting the whole chain, from-farm-to-cup, all while keeping the cost of such operation minimal.