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Ana Church is the co-founder and COO of Church’s Import-Export, Inc., a company she started in 2008. This firm specializes in environmental and sustainability consulting and international trade.

Ana brings over 15 years of experience in education, Brazilian product distribution, global marketing plans, biotechnology commercialization and feasibility assessments.

Ana earned a bachelor of arts degree, a master’s degree in international business and a doctorate in business administration.

Before coming to the United States, Ana received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of São Paulo UNESP / Marília, Brazil.

Once in the US, she worked for the Buffalo Public Schools as a substitute teacher for the first two years and left to open her own preschool/gym, which she managed for 8 years.

And to take advantage of trade opportunities between Brazil and the United States, she decided to enroll in the Master‘s Program in International Business at D’Youville College and obtained her degree in 2004.

To turn the newly acquired theory into practice, she opened her own export/import company to learn the business firsthand.

The company started to act as an export agent for American companies that sell to the Brazilian market, then as a trader of imported products and, finally, as a marketing consultant preparing marketing plans for countries that enter abroad.

The financial and economic crisis of 2008 greatly diminished entrepreneurial enthusiasm in many people.

Ana’s determination to understand what had just happened led her to enroll in a Doctoral Program in Business Administration, where she conducted research focusing on sustainability entrepreneurship, her new passion.

In 2015, she graduated and published her dissertation, and in 2017, she published an article in the Small Business Institute Journal at Houston University in Clear Lake. Ana is focused on researching, learning and working to turn sustainability theory into practice.

The objective is to provide sustainable solutions for
companies looking to streamline and optimize their operations to meet the challenges of the global market.




Renato has more than ten years of experience in areas related to international trade and education/training consultancy in the Brazilian market.

It is part of Church’s Import-Export, Inc. since the beginning, and currently serves as managing director in the Brazilian office.

For the past ten years, he has served as a consultant helping with feasibility studies for projects such as the Interstate Traveler Company ITC MagLev Railway (Prototype High Speed Rail in Michigan for future implementation in Brazil), Industrial Sweet Potato ISP bioethanol for a project in Florida), negotiations with Chinese investors to finance renewable energy projects in the United States and other import and export activities.

Renato’s professional experience also includes working at CM Consultoria (a higher education consulting company in Brazil), where he was responsible for international relations and communication with international educational institutions seeking to enter the Brazilian market; international relations representing JN Consult for JSC Isotope (a Rosatom State Corporation company competing in the medical and general purpose radiation device and isotope products markets), where he helped establish a multi-million 5-year agreement to supply these products to the Brazilian government CNEN-IPEN; and Managing Director of Gradbound Brazil (a subsidiary of Gradbound Canada), a Canadian educational organization specializing in providing tailored solutions and structural support for students and institutions seeking an international experience through study or work in Canada.

Renato is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and is interested in world arts, culture, history and current affairs.

He believes that the application of sustainability principles to all aspects of human affairs is the key to building a sustainable economy and improving human life, together with a team of international collaborators, scientists, researchers, translators, investors, lawyers, social and environmental builders, dreamers and nature lovers, we are building a SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL ECONOMY!

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