Our Trip to Europe

Some observation during our trip to Europe (Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany). Driving from country to country after we arrived in Amsterdam from Ireland, we had the opportunity of observing and learning a little bit about sustainability implementation in those countries.

It was good to see individuals, businesses, and organizations trying to implement some aspects of sustainability.

At the Dublin Airport (left), Laon, France (middle), and Zürich (right) recycling bins for different types of waste are strategically positioned, as it is the case in most airports of Europe.

Because we were driving long distances, finding a McDonalds, or a Burger King on the road was a happy event and a relief knowing what to expect in terms of fast food and the use of toilets. Thank you, McDonalds and Burger King!

Large wind turbines in wind farms are found throughout Europe. In France, we were able to document some large ones

In Germany, the autobahns (with a special kind of asphalt) are made to last a lifetime.

In France, an ISO 50001 (energy management) certified supermarket sells sweet potatoes imported from the Unites States.

In Amsterdam, we were able to see the Van Gogh Art Museum, and enjoy watching the multitude of people from all over the world visiting the city.

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