About Us

Church’s Import-Export, Inc. is a small B2B international trade consulting firm providing services to the small and medium-sized manufacturing firms within the environmental technologies, renewable energy technologies, and education and training sectors and subsectors. We specialize in the Latin American markets, particularly in the markets of Brazil. As an international trade consulting firm, and a sustainability-focused business, our job involves helping our clients to become a sustainable company at home first. Once that is done, we can work together to figure out sustainable ways to reach the foreign markets of their choice. Compliance in international trade is a must, but there is much more including compliance with international environmental regulations for sustainability.

Meet Our team

Ana Church

Ana Church is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Church’s Import-Export, Inc., a business she started with her late husband Marshall Church in 2008. This company is specialized in environmental and sustainability consulting, and international trade. Ana brings more than 15 years of experience in education, distribution of Brazilian products, global marketing plans, biotechnology commercialization and feasibility assessments. Ana earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master’s in International Business Degree and a Doctorate in Business Administration.

Prior to coming to the U.S., Ana received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Universidade do Estado de Sao Paulo UNESP/Marilia, Brazil. Once in the U.S. she worked for the Buffalo Public Schools as a substitute teacher for the first two years and left to open her own pre-school/academy which she managed for 8 years. And to take advantage of trade opportunities between Brazil and the Unites States, she decided to enroll in the International Business Master’s Program at D’Youville College and successfully earned her degree in 2004.

To transform the newly acquired theory into practice she started her own export/import company to learn the business first hand. The company started acting as an export agent for American companies selling to the Brazilian market, then as merchant for imported goods, and finally as marketing consultant preparing marketing plans for countries entering markets abroad. The financial and economic crisis of 2008 decreased much of the entrepreneurial enthusiasm in many people. Ana’s resolve in understanding what had just happened took her to enroll in a Doctor of Business Administration Program where she conducted research focusing on sustainability entrepreneurship her new-found passion. In 2015 she earned her degree and published her dissertation, and in 2017 she published an article in the Small Business Institute Journal of Houston University at Clear Lake

Ana is focused on researching, learning and working on transforming the sustainability theory into practice. The aim is to deliver sustainable solutions to businesses looking to streamline and optimize their operations to confront the challenges of the global marketplace.

Renato Vieira

Renato has over ten years experience in areas related to international trade, and education/training consulting services in the Brazilian Market. He has been part of Church’s Import-Export, Inc. since startup, and currently acts as a managing director in the Brazilian office. In the past ten years he has acted as a consultant helping with feasibility studies for projects such as Interstate Traveler Company ITC MagLev Railway (high-speed rail prototype in Michigan for future implementation in Brazil), Industrial Sweet Potato ISP bioethanol (Brazilian sweet potatoes bioethanol for a project in Florida), negotiations with Chinese investors to fund US based renewable energy projects, and other import and export activities.

Renato’s professional experience also includes working for CM Consultoria (a higher education consulting company in Brazil), where he was responsible for the international relations and communications with international education institutions seeking to enter the Brazilian market; international relations representing JN Consult for JSC Isotope (an enterprise of Rosatom State Corporation competing in the markets of isotope products, and radiation devices for medical and general purpose), where he helped establish a multi-million dollar 5-year agreement for the supply of those products to the Brazilian government CNEN-IPEN; and Managing Director at Gradbound Brasil (a subsidiary of Gradbound Canada), a Canadian educational organization specializing in providing tailor-made solutions and structural support to students and institutions seeking an international experience through studying or working in Canada.

Renato is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and has an interest in arts, culture, history and current world events. He believes applying sustainability principles to all aspects of human affairs is key to building a sustainable economy and improving the human condition on the planet.

Company History

In 2008, the company founders bootstrapped the business startup while enrolled in academic programs to learn more about the complexities of international trade. We started offering services as export agents to small manufacturing firms, and later acted as import merchants. Upon completing our academic programs, we felt encouraged to provide services as consultants to export-ready producers and manufacturing firms within specific industries.

As expressed in our Mission Statement, we genuinely believe that companies can sustain profitability and over time create a sustainable economy. And for that, we don’t want “to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs”. Economic development must not come at the expense of destroying the natural resources of our planet or taking advantage of people. Business “with a conscience” has the power to solve most of the social, environmental, and economic problems of our global community.

Along with a team of international collaborators, scientists, researchers, translators, investors, attorneys, social
and environmental builders, dreamers, and nature lovers We are building a SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL ECONOMY!

If your company can benefit from our services, please contact us!